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There are many considerations when choosing color. When it comes to painting walls, often less is more. Lighter colors, especially white, make for a lighter, larger-looking space. Even a slight tint added to white, will make a huge impression on the overall look of the room. Think about the color of your rugs, tiles, fabrics and the pictures that will hang on the wall. Your color choice and décor should coordinate well. It is your personality and taste that should show through.

Since color is a personal choice, taking several samples home with you to look at in the proper light against your décor will help in making a final decision. The key to a successful scheme is to create visual harmony among all the factors in your space. The perception of colors will change depending on what is around them. Before going into common color schemes, remember that there are other visual elements to provide contrasts and harmonies. For example, the contrast between colors that are lighter or darker than those next to them or the contrast of extension, when one color covers an extended area setting off another color over a small area.

You may want to consider the feeling of the colors. For instance, green, blue and violet are considered “coolcolors while red, orange and yellow are considered “warm”. Even a hint of these hues makes for a cool and mellow or a warm and energetic feel to a room. Cool colors tend to recede into the background and warm colors tend to advance into the foreground. There are several basic color schemes, the most common of which are complementary, split-compliments, triads, analogous, monochrome and neutrals.

Color Wheel

This color wheel may help get your color scheme ideas started. It was one of the earliest, created by Goerthe in 1810.
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