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Gosling Painting provides residential and commercial interior painting services. Walls, ceilings and trim are standard items to be painted. Window frames, door frames and baseboards are all considered trim. We do plaster repairs as well. Minor repairs are very common and are included in the price. Large holes and excessive damage are repaired for a charge. Brushwork is required where rolling is not possible and detailed items to be painted will be priced appropriately. Quality work requires quality paint. Preferred paint suppliers include Glidden, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore. We will match ANY sample color.

All surfaces are prepared properly with necessary hole filling, sanding, plaster repairs and/or priming. There are many situations in which special treatments or primers are needed to effectively coat a surface. For instance, converting a wall from an oil-based paint to a latex paint requires the previous surface to be primed with an oil-based primer in order to accommodate the change. Severe stains may require use of a shellac-based primer. A professional painter will accurately determine the products and techniques required to accomplish the desired result.

Calculation of the appropriate price for painting services relies on the amount of brushwork, the size of the rooms being painted and the number of rooms in total to paint. Larger orders incur greater discounts. The brand and line of paint used may affect the price. There are additional charges for faux finishes, wallpaper removal, painting of cupboards, shelves, doors, closets, banisters, radiators, mouldings, extra square footage, priming and for major plaster repairs, which will be included in the estimate. The price and timeline are agreed to beforehand. Upon signing of an agreement, this price and timeline will not change. The price promised is the price charged unless new work is added by the customer later. Prices include the cost of labour, proper preparation of surfaces, all supplies, taxes, paint and primer.

Expert painters provide conscientious service. Discounts are made for large projects and loyal customers. The more you can tell us about your project, the more accurately we can estimate what the final price will be. Call or email us today for a free estimate.

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Let Gosling Painting do the work for you. We properly prepare surfaces so that the final result is neat and lovely.
Sebastopol painting company painted this beautiful Sonoma County home: Gosling Painting Sebastopol painters offer interior painting services.